New Workouts to Try This Year

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Workouts are great, especially when there are new ones to try. The fitness world is constantly finding new ways to work the body to achieve some amazing results. What used to be just going to the gym has now become an entirely new system involving far more than just dumbbells and treadmills. There are so many different types of workouts to try that I’m sure you’ll find a great one for you. The plus side is that not all workouts are geared to be incredibly intense either. Here’s my list of new workouts to try this year.

Zumba is a great start for our little list. Zumba is high intensity cardio, but it really only feels like dancing. The Zumba clubs that people create are always inclusive and try really hard to make sure that you’re reaching the goals that you want to. Typically music is played really loud to keep you in the mood of wanting to work out, and having the workout moves feel more like dancing makes it easier for you since you can hardly tell you’re actually working out!

Another great workout is Yoga. Now, this is very very broad, but there are yoga sessions geared towards being workouts. The amount of muscle power, balance, and concentration needed for yoga is incredible, and it’s been known to have many health benefits as well. This is great for someone who doesn’t want a typical gym atmosphere, but still wants to get a great workout in!

Functional fitness workouts are really becoming popular as well. Essentially, functional fitness is using your own bodyweight to workout rather than relying on dumbbells and heavy weights to burn calories. These kinds of workouts are perfect for people, like me, who can’t afford a gym membership or simply don’t like using weights during a workout.

Jump Rope workouts are becoming rather popular too. It’s taking that old jump rope you had as a child and using it to help get your muscles into shape. There are timed intervals of workouts that really get your body involved and help tone it to a great shape! (Though you already look gorgeous).

Get into the habit of a new workout this year, and maybe consider starting with these. Most of these are very broad categories for workouts, but if one of these seems interesting for you, why not give it a shot. Your body will thank you for the workout, and you’ll be thankful that you’re starting a healthier lifestyle

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Posted 2/3/2017

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