Is Planning Too Much TOO Much?

TXTgirl Blog Is Planning Too Much TOO Much

I am one of those girls that over plans things constantly. Even if it’s just going out to eat with friends, I have to know exactly where we’re going, exactly what time, what we might do afterwards, exactly who’s coming, and what people might be doing before then. It’s a horrible habit of mine, and it’s typically not a good thing either. Planning things out too much can be really bad. You can go overboard with things and end up hurting plans rather than helping. How can all of this really happen though?

One of the biggest reasons why people over plan in anxiety over the event. We want to know everything that has happened and every possible thing that could happen as well, which can make over planning easy. This happens a lot with parents as well. It’s the need to know that someone is safe no matter where they are. Other times it’s just a complete accident.

Now that we know how it happens, we really need to figure out what happens when we start planning things way too much. One of the biggest things that can happen is disappointment. One way that disappointment can happen is with the friend group you’re going out with in the first place. They could get really upset that everything has been perfectly planned out. A lot of times, people want to do some things that aren’t planned, especially if it seems really cool to try. If things are completely planned out you could disappoint by keeping people from doing what they really want. Another form of disappointment can be with yourself. If something doesn’t go exactly as planned you can get upset and possibly lash out about it. Then when everything is done you’ll be disappointed that it didn’t go as well as you imagined.

So we know what can happen, but how can we avoid planning too much? If you’re planning to much because of anxiety, try having your friends reassure you that nothing will go wrong. I know that sounds really cliche, but it can help a ton if they make sure that you know that nothing can really go wrong. You can also remind yourself that things will be okay and try to remember that life doesn’t always need to be perfectly planned. If you get nervous during the event, try to stay involved with what’s going on and find little ways to calm yourself down. Overall, just remember that you never need to over plan things, but rather prepare for what might happen on your own.

Try your best this year not to over plan things. Life is made to be unpredictable, so it’s okay if some things aren’t perfectly planned before. Being a little unpredictable can make life fun, so try to sit back and relax a bit. Don’t be disappointed by over planning, but rather just stay in the moment and remember to have fun while you’re there.

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Posted 3/13/2017

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