Inspiration Isn’t Fame

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When we think of inspiring people we think of actors, actresses, scientists and philanthropists – big names of big people who have achieved grand things. But what if inspiring people could be found all around us, right there next to us? What if they weren’t big names? I think we often get the words inspiration and fame confused. But not all famous people accomplish inspiration things, and not all inspirational people are famous. Which is why I think that one of the most inspiring person I have seen in my life is my boss.

I have worked at a small, family owned pharmacy in my home town in New Jersey, since my sophomore year of high school and still work there now in the summers. It is one of my favorite places on the planet. All of the employees really care about their customers and take pride in serving them to the best of their abilities. My boss, who was also the head pharmacist, takes this to the next level. He works hard to makes sure that every person who walks into the store leaves with a smile on their face. He talks to each and every customer and gets to know them. He remembers regulars to the store and asks them how they are doing, remembering small, personal details that they told him the last time they came in. Never once have I seen him be rude or get flustered with a customer, even when it gets really, really busy.

This love and care he has doesn’t just extend to the customers, he acts the same with his fellow employees. Throughout my high school career he was one of the most supportive people I interacted with. He would ask me how my life was going, how my academics were going and even how my love life was – he would tease me endlessly if I had a crush anyone!

My boss is just a normal person, doing his job, but the love and care he puts into it makes him an inspiration. I look to his example in when taking on any task. I want to show the same care and enthusiasm he does in his work, in everything I do. Not only does it make him a better person, it rubs off on others around him. That is the kind of impact I want to have on the world, and that is what makes him such an amazing person. He is my inspiration… who is yours?

TXTgirl :: New Jersey

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