How to Reorganize Yourself for the New Year

TXTgirl Blog How to Reorganize Yourself for the New Year

Imagine this: you’re cleaning up after an amazing New Year’s party. As you’re putting this away you start cramming things into random drawers and junk closets where everything will sit and collect dust. You’re on the last thing and you simply can’t find another place to cram it. Doesn’t this sound horrible?! If this seems like you then it’s truly time to get reorganized. As a girl who lives in a tiny dorm, organization is key. Stay tuned to see some of my organization tips for you!

Junk drawers, aka a drawer filled with random pencils, pens, phone charges, and other strange office supplies will be the very first thing you should organize. Take everything out of that drawer and lay out out. Organize everything into small piles and figure out what you need to keep and what needs to get thrown out. Now, don’t just throw everything back in that drawer, try to get some organizational bins in there. One easy thing to try is putting a silverware organizer inside the drawer. Each little slot that would normally hold silverware can now hold things like pens, pencils, pushpins, post-it notes, and even binder clips. It’s an easy way to organize those tiny office supplies. Use thin storage containers that fit to keep other items, like pictures or phone chargers, organized and out of the way.

The next thing you truly need to organize is your closet and jewelry. Go through your closet and make sure that you’re not holding onto things that don’t fit or you never wear. Put those to the side and donate or sell them. Next, figure out a way to organize your closet and jewelry that makes sense. I typically organize mine by sleeve length first, then outerwear, and miscellaneous. Some people like to do it by color or season too. As for jewelry, that needs to be hung up in some sort of logical order. Try putting statement necklaces with each other, and long necklaces somewhere else. Try to keep them untangled the best that you can too. If you have other accessories, like hats, buy some Command strip hangers and use that empty wall space to hang them up! This goes for any unorganized closet in your house.

The office is probably the easiest of the rooms to organize. Go through everything and organize it like you would see at a store. Put office supplies together, important papers together, etc. Invest in a desk with lots of storage, or find some cute storage bins and keep like items together and easy to access. Make sure that your desk is un-cluttered too by tucking away things you don’t use, and having small containers and organization tools to keep things up and off your desk.

Organization isn’t as scary as it seems. The hardest part is starting and getting used to staying organized. If time is a problem, try to take at least 10 minutes every other day to clean up one part of your house. Invest in organization tools (like mail organizers, storage crates, etc.) to really aide in the organization process. Take to Pinterest or other DIY sites to find cute and inexpensive ways to keep yourself organized. Just remember, have fun and make the organization completely yours. 

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Posted 2/8/2017

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