How to Plan Your Bucket List and Follow Through

TXTgirl Blog How to Plan Your Bucket List and Follow Through

Bucket lists are somewhat universal amongst people. We all have a huge list of things that we really really want to achieve in our lifetimes, even if we know that some of them will never ever happen. Planning a real bucket list though can be really daunting. Sure there are tons of things that you want to do, but how do you narrow things down to realistic goals that you can actually accomplish? Plus, how do you ever actually follow through with a bucket list? Well, I’m here to help so keep reading to find some amazing tips!

First of all, how do we make a bucket list? Start by writing down literally everything you have ever wanted to do in your life. I’m serious. Write it all down. Now go through and sift through the things that you know are absolutely impossible for you to accomplish. You know exactly the ones I’m talking about. Things like going to the moon or kissing your favorite celebrity are the ones you need to remove. Once you have an actual list, write it down somewhere else. Keep it neat, and maybe make it look extra special too. This is your brand new, amazing, extra special, life long bucket list.

Now that you actually have a bucket list, what are some ways to start saving towards those events? One easy way is the $1 or $5 shadowbox. Essentially, you start with an empty shadowbox (or any object that can hold money) and vow to put in every $1 or $5 bill that you come across in your wallet. It seems very silly at first, but after about a month or two you’ll find that you can save an easy $100 in a short amount of time without ever feeling like you’re losing money. If you keep saving like that over the year, you’ll probably have enough to go on one of those trips or accomplish a goal on your bucket list.

So you have money. Congratulations! But how do you actually follow through with your plans? Well, you need to make the time for it. Set a day that you want to follow through and actually accomplish one of your bucket list goals. Keep that date. Don’t even think about canceling unless it’s for an emergency. Start planning out the things that will need to happen before accomplishing your goal, such as buying plane tickets, or even reserving a spot for an event. Plan that out and actually follow through on those plans. Most people will cancel or procrastinate and do it for another day. Don’t be like that. Keep your plans and do them! You’ll be grateful for it.

Set a bucket list this year! Remember to keep things on your bucket list that are actually attainable during your lifetime and write it down somewhere. Make sure that your list stays somewhere you can find it, or else you’ll have to start all over. Keep saving money for your plans, and always follow through on them so that you can mark everything off your bucket list in the future. Have fun bucket listing!

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Posted 3/6/2017

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