How to Change Your Habits

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Habits. They’re hard to break, and usually we don’t even know that we have them until it’s too late to break them. Some habits can be great, like working out or cooking dinner rather than going out. Those can be great! But lots of times our habits are bad and we need to work on changing them. How are we supposed to change those habits though?

First of all, breaking a habit is extremely hard to do. I have a few habits myself that I’ve been trying to break for years. It’s much more than just telling yourself that you need to stop doing whatever habit you’re trying to break. It’s re-training your entire brain to stop doing something that has become second nature to you. It is believed that it takes 21 days or more to break a habit. That’s only if you’re working on it consistently. If you end up missing a day or accidentally falling back into the habit then you have to start at day 1 all over again.

There are some ways to really help you figure out how to stop your bad habits, or possibly reshape your current ones! First look up some helpful tips from people who have habits just like you. Usually they have great ideas for helping you get rid of those habits for good. If you can’t find any that seem to work for you, try to be conscious of yourself when you start doing your habit again. Make sure that you stop yourself as early as possible when you try doing your habit. If that’s not working either, try to do things that prevent you from even starting your habit. If you bite your nails, try painting them so that you have the urge not to chip the nail polish. It’s just a lot of little things to keep you on track!

Habit breaking is difficult. Habit changing is even harder. Once you break a bad habit, try to figure out what to replace it with. For some it will come really naturally, like eating healthier or even exercising more. For others, it’s going to be hard to find something to replace it with that isn’t bad. For me, once I stopped biting my nails I ended up picking at my skin (eww, I know.). Make sure that whatever habit you replace your old habit with, that it’s a positive one!

Try your best and stay determined to break those habits and replace them with something new! Remember that it can take 21 days or more to break a habit, and that long to make a new one too. Just stay positive and try to find a way for you to be able to make that new habit. I’m sure you’ll be proud of yourself in the future. 🙂

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Posted 2/6/2017

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