How Does Music Change Your Mood?

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Music constantly follows us around wherever we go. You hear it on the radio, in restaurants while you eat, coming from cars down the street, and through your headphones while walking to class. It’s constantly circling around us, and our brains have noticed it. When we listen to music our emotions tend to change. Don’t believe me? Last time you listened to angry music, didn’t you feel just a little bit of rage, or get a little bit upset with people around you? When you were sad didn’t you get the urge to listen to sad music? Seriously, music changes our mood!

Our brains get a little bit different when we listen to music, hence why our mood changes. Depending on the music, it can actually tap into different parts of our brain and make it function just a tiny bit different. The essentials of music (rhythm, tempo, etc.) work with parts of our brain that control emotion and mood. Crazy right?! Depending on those essential elements to music our brain will actually tap into that and change what mood we are having during those moments. Sadder songs tend to have slower tempos, which create a sense of sadness in our brains.

Music can also affect what chemicals are released into our bodies! Happy music tends to release endorphins such as serotonin, which essentially is the brain chemical that makes us happy. Besides that, calming music can actually trigger our brain to relax our muscles and slow our breathing, thus distressing us. It can change our perceptions and brain waves in the future too; even when you aren’t listening to music, the last song you listened to can create a certain mood in your brain and stay there until something decides to alter it.

It’s no coincidence that listening to certain music can affect our mood. It’s actually scientific! Our brains are amazing things. Music can alter certain parts of our brains making our emotions a little different. Many scientists have already started using music as forms of therapy or antidepressants for people that need them. So, next time you decide to listen to music, try to pick something based on the mood you want to be in. It might just help you get to that emotion!

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