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Happiness is something that hasn’t been spread around the world much recently. It seems that every news report has something negative going on, or that every Facebook post is just bashing something. We need to spread more happiness in this world, and it can easily start with you!

First of all, you can spread happiness by giving things. This doesn’t mean you have to give a bunch of present to people, but little things can make a huge difference. Maybe you have a few coupons and pick up some food for the local pantry. Maybe you can donate your spare change to a donation jar at the restaurant you’re dining. Or, you could even tip your waiter just a little bit extra. Your time is also something you can give by volunteering, or simply spending it with people who need a bit more positivity in their lives.

Find some people who seem to be a bit down and do something nice for them. Crack a joke! Smile! Throw a little dance party! It doesn’t matter what, but if you’re happy, other people can realize that and start to feel the same way that you are. You could see that a friend is feeling down and simply let them talk to you to cheer them up. Caring about other people is a great way to spread happiness.

Finally, you can spread happiness by simply being happy. Psychologically, our brains tend to copy those before us, especially with emotions. If someone is feeling down, try being a bit more positive around them. If it’s a bad day outside, try being nice to others with a smile on your face. Otherwise, just go around being generally happy and nice to others. Eventually your happiness will rub off on them too!

Spread a little more happiness this year. It’s easy to do, but even easier to forget. Donate some money, but mostly time if you can. Be nice to others and make their day. Be happy yourself and it will easily rub off on other people. Just remember to smile and try to make someone else smile at least once a day. 🙂

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Posted 2/9/2017

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