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If you’re anything like me, about half of the time you go to bed thinking about all of the things you wish you would’ve done differently during the day. Sometimes I even search my brain and find things that I wish I could’ve changed years ago. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t complete something that I had been putting off, or I didn’t write an essay to the best of my ability. Most of the time it bums me out, and sometimes it makes my mornings miserable too. Thankfully everyday is a new day though!

When you go to bed every night, it’s okay to think about things that happened during the day. Sometimes you just can’t avoid your mind going there, and many psychologists actually find it to be healthy. But know that tomorrow is a new day filled with possibilities that you could never imagine. You may think that tomorrow will be the same, but if you put your mind to it tomorrow will be much better.

Maybe you accidentally got off your life challenge for a day, or you didn’t exercise as much as you wanted. Maybe you didn’t get a good grade on your exam, or you sad something horrible to your best friend. The best thing about life is that you can always have a second chance. Tomorrow will always be a new day. You can start clean and try your best to start again. Apologize to your best friend, I’m sure she’ll understand. Get back on your life challenge and try extra hard to say with it. Study even harder for a better grade on your next exam!

Every single day is a new day, and that is the best part about life. Every day is a chance to challenge yourself and to try to make yourself a better person. It’s about persistence if you’re trying to change yourself. Don’t give up. Try to make tomorrow an even better day. Trust me, you’ll look back a year from now and thank yourself for trying your best and pushing yourself forward through every day.

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