Do What Scares You

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This summer I did something that completely terrified me. I stayed in LA for the summer. Alone. Doing summer research for a professor at my school. I do not do well alone, I never have. I love the company of other people and I really do love my family and going home to see them during my breaks from school. This summer is going to be one unlike any other just in that I will be away from both friends, and family for the majority of it.

Half of me thinks it was a major mistake. I wake up terrified that I made the wrong decision. Why did I give up an entire summer with my friends and family to research urban land use? The other half of me knows it was the right decision. It will be an amazing learning experience, and a great way to explore who I am as an individual. I will branch out of my little shell and become a real person, who has done things and explored things on my own.

There will be many life experiences along the way. In the past two weeks I have already had several including getting and then quitting a job, learning how to cook and pump gas (I’m from New Jersey we don’t do that there) and moving into and out of several houses. I have also just been alone… a lot. I am away from everyone I know, my friends from school all went home and my family is all home… but I am here. But you know what, its okay. It is something that I will look back on one day and realize it made me a better person. Being alone this summer, doing something terrifying, is going to be the best thing I have done in a while.

I hope this little glance into what my life currently inspires you to do what scares you the most. Even though it really is terrifying (I feel like I am diving blindfolded into a pool of sharks out of a jet plane), but it really is going to be one of the best things I ever do.

TXTgirl :: Los Angeles, CA

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