Different Types of Meditation

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Meditation has a lot of different branches to it. It’s more than just sitting cross legged with your hands on your legs and taking deep breaths. There are actually different kinds of meditation, each focusing on different things. I’ll take you through a few to give you a taste, and then you should check out some other types yourself!

Focused Attention Meditation is probably the best one for people. During the entire meditation period you are focusing on exactly one thing. You think about it in your mind and really focus on it, whether it’s breathing, a task, or possibly even a positive mantra for yourself. You’re not allowed to react to it though. Every thought about this is non-judgmental throughout the entire meditation.

Effortless Presence is the real essence to meditation, and is the one that most people associate with meditation. It is the act of meditating to completely lose one’s self and become, essentially empty. You’re emptying your mind, your worries, your stress, and constantly thinking internal, trying to connect with your soul.

Zazen Meditation is a form of Buddhist meditation in which you sit in a Lotus position (it’s a yoga pose) and focus on your breathing. Your attention should be on the things around you and being completely aware of everything, but free of judgments.

Finally, there’s also Metta Mediation, which is focusing on being happy for yourself and those around you. You meditate in a few steps, first starting with being happy and positive towards yourself, then moving outwards towards you friends, family, strangers, the world, and eventually the entire universe. You sit in a standard mediation pose and try your best to stay positive towards these things.

Go ahead and try out a few of these before possibly branching out to other forms of meditation. All are great for your health and can even get rid of that overwhelming stress or anxiety you might have. What matters is that you find the right meditation for you and your body.

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Posted 3/7/2017

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