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The fitness world is currently obsessed with doing cleanses for their amazing health benefits. This usually means doing a one week diet that gets rid of many different food groups and increasing the amount of drinks (usually special drinks as well) that help to cleanse our bodies of negative chemicals or ingredients that have been built up. It’s like cleaning ourselves to make sure that we are working to our fullest potential! This is a great physical cleanse, but we also have other cleanses that we should do to keep ourselves working our best!

Starting from inside ourselves, we need to do a big mental cleanse. No, that’s not scrubbing out our brains or eating brain healthy foods. It’s looking at the way that we view ourselves and the world and trying to cleanse our brains of all the negativity. Start with how you view yourself. If you have any looming negativity about yourself, try to get rid of that in your brain. It won’t’ go away overnight, but start cleansing yourself from that negativity towards yourself and start replacing it with positive thoughts. Secondly, try cleansing yourself of negative thoughts towards other people or groups of people. Take away all of your negative thoughts and images about them and let those people and groups speak for themselves. Let them choose how you view them rather than viewing them based on your own pre-determined notions.

Next we need to do a physical cleanse. That’s close to what I was talking about earlier. Try to find some amazing detox drinks to try our even start working out a little bit more. Most physical cleanses include a diet as well, one that usually includes taking carbs and sugars out of your diet for the week. It might be really hard, but your body will thank you for it. Besides that, try to cleanse out any bad habits that you might have that REALLY need to be broken. The physical part is usually one of the easiest cleanses, since people constantly do them and have great tips!

The last cleanse you should do is a social cleanse. This is both for social media and your social groups (aka your friends). First, I recommend going through your social media and unfollowing (or maybe even unfriending) the people you don’t like seeing posts from. This is especially true if these pages and people post negative things constantly or content that you really don’t like seeing on your feed. You also need to do this in your real life. I know it’s really hard to get rid of friends, but if there are people in your life that are constantly creating drama for you, try to get them out of your life. That’s true if you see that they’re hurting you in some way too. (Also, if you see this is someone else’s life too, please take care of your friends and help them cleanse those people too). Your friends influence who you are, so if they’re negative, you’ll start being negative too.

Vow to do a mental, physical, and social cleanse this year. They’ll really help you kick start a happy and healthier life. While they might be hard to start, you’ll be very thankful for them in the future. Start from the inside out. Get rid of your mental negativity. Cleanse your body of those negative toxins or food buildup. Remove negative people from your life. Start your cleanse soon and try to do one every single year to keep yourself healthy and happy.

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Posted 2/2/2017

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