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Mediation is commonly thought of as a way to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, while also helping to figure things out about yourself. While this is, essentially, correct there are tons of other benefits to doing meditation. Many of them are even proven, scientific benefits. So, what are you gaining from losing stress and anxiety?

First of all, meditation can actually help your immune system. When you’re stressed, you’re actually weakening your immune system. Meditation can actually increase your immune system and help keep you healthier, longer! Additionally, meditation can reduce your blood pressure and help prevent some heart or brain problems by allowing them to function better and easier!

Meditation can also help combat mental illness too! It’s found that meditation can actually help prevent or lessen symptoms of depression. That’s a huge deal, especially for people who suffer from severe depression. Along with that, meditation can regulate your mood, allowing sufferers of anxiety to lessen their symptoms as well. The same can be said for those with panic disorders! It’s even been found to help those with ADHD by helping them focus a bit more.

Your brain is the most important part of you (besides your amazing personality and heart!) so we need to keep it functioning in top shape! Scientists have found that meditation can actually improve your focus and the ability to work well when you’re completely stressed out. This is an amazing tool for students or those who work long hours. Bosses are constantly looking for employers that can do this, so start meditation to help yourself out!

There are tons more benefits to meditation, but that’s a start! Hopefully some of these benefits can really help motivate you to start meditation. Try to find the right meditation for you and you’ll be all set to start helping your body, mind, and your overall self become a better person.

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Posted 3/10/2017

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