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We as a society are blessed with many things that we wouldn’t have had even just a few years ago. Technology is amazing these days, and there’s more food to go around than we need. The problem is that we as a society are always wanting more, forgetting about how much we actually have. We have to be grateful for what we have and everything that we have been given.

Think of everything that you have in your life right now. For me, I have amazing friends, a cell phone, a laptop, a great college, a family, two jobs, and tons of opportunities in my future. I am forever grateful for these things, but I hardly ever think about them. Try listing out the things that you have and see what things you are thankful for. It doesn’t have to be a long list, but try to stay positive with it!

Being grateful doesn’t mean going up to people and thanking them for everything. It doesn’t always have to be like that. Sometimes being grateful is just appreciating and acknowledging what you have, then making sure that you give back to people that aren’t as fortunate as you. Sometimes it even might be trying to make someone else’s day, especially if that someone does a lot for you (hint: your parents!).

Be grateful for what you have this year, and even into the next! Always be appreciative for what you have, especially if it’s given to you. My motto is that no one has to do anything for me, but when they do I want them to know that I appreciate it. Remember to say thank you every once in awhile. Try giving back to those who have given you so much. Reflect on the things that you have and be grateful that you have them. Our society has a lot, let’s try to be just a little more thankful and grateful for what we have.

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Posted 3/20/2017

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