5 Favorite Girl Empowerment Songs

TXTgirl Blog 5 Favorite Girl Empowerment Songs

We are powerful. We are strong. We are amazing. But sometime we just so happen to forget some of these things. It’s true, even I tend to have my down days where it seems like being a girl is just a little too hard. Thankfully, we have some amazing female singers out there who love to back us up and make us feel powerful again. So girls, if you’re having a bad day, throw on a pair of headphones and listen to these five songs to make yourself feel even more powerful than before.

Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce. Queen B knows exactly how to make girls feel powerful. She is the essence of a powerful woman who will do anything it takes to reach her dreams. This song is all about how women run the world and how amazing our gender actually is. Warning for some foul language though (but that doesn’t take away from the song at all!)

Confident- Demi Lovato. Demi by herself loves to preach about girl empowerment and equal rights. She is an amazing woman as well, and this song is for all us girls out there who need a little confidence boosts. It’s all about not being ashamed to be confident and proud of who you are.

Who Says- Selena Gomez. A little throwback here to some of Selena’s older music, but it’s still a great song. It’s all about what people say about you and how it isn’t true. It’s about embracing who you are as a person and learning that you’re opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to looking at yourself.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten. This one was all over the radio a few months ago, but it still should make it on this list. Originally this song was for cancer fighters, but it can be pretty universal for all of us. It’s all about taking your life back and doing what you want to do, no matter what other’s say.

One Girl (Can Change the World) – Shuree. Shuree is a super unknown artist that I got the pleasure of meeting a few years back at a short concert that she had. Her music is all about girl empowerment, especially the song that made her popular: One Girl. It preaches how it only takes one girl to change the world around us, no matter who that girl is or where she came from.

All of us girls need a little bit of empowering sometime. Whether it’s just been a really hard day, you’re just feeling down, or you need a bit of motivation before a big test, these songs are great for everyone! Go ahead and add them to your playlist! Go girls!

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Posted 3/8/2017

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