TXTgirl Blog Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere new without ever having to leave your own home? Have you ever wanted to do something crazy, but... More
TXTgirl BLOG Setting Realistic, Tangible Goals

Setting Realistic, Tangible Goals

Everyone seems to make resolutions once the new year comes around. It’s one of the many traditions that our country as a whole seems to... More
TXTgirl BLOG National Strawberry Day

National Strawberry Day

Strawberries are incredibly delicious! They are amazing for you and even have a national day dedicated to them. That calls for some celebration! Here’s just... More
TXTgirl BLOG Write a Letter to Yourself

Write a Letter to Yourself

Writing can be a soothing and fun experience, especially if it’s coming from your heart. Something even better than writing is writing a letter to... More
TXTgirl BLOG How to Stay Positive this Year

How to Stay Positive this Year

Positivity can be really hard to keep, especially following a year like 2016. It seems like there’s less positivity out there and far more negativity.... More
TXTgirl BLOG Benefits of Indoor Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants

My roommate adores her little indoor plants. She keeps them right by the window in our dorm and takes care of them constantly. She has... More
TXTgirl Blog Explore Your City

Explore Your City

Chances are that you haven’t been everywhere in your city yet. Even if you live in a tiny little place, you probably haven’t explored all... More
TXTgirl BLOG Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day

Pets have and always will be man’s best friend. It’s not just dogs that can make an owner happy but just about any type of... More
TXTgirl Blog Getting Back Into a Workout Routine

Getting Back Into a Workout Routine

I’m not going to lie: I can never stick to a workout routine. I typically start, then get sidetracked with school work or other life... More
TXTgirl Blog Support Your Local Pound- Adopt!

Support Your Local Pound: Adopt!

We all know of those adorable little kitten and puppy videos that go viral on the internet. A sad fact is that a lot of... More
TXTgirl Blog 5 Favorite Girl Movies

5 Favorite Girl Movies

Girls, it’s finally the end of fall and the beginning of winter, so you know what that means. It’s time to break out the fuzzy... More
TXTgirl Blog 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence On The Go

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence On The Go

When was the last time you did a confidence check? Seriously! When was the last time that you looked at how confident you were and... More